At Kilkenny Gymnastics Academy we offer
a wide range of training options within
both Mens and Womens Artistic Gymnastics.

Our recreational gymnastics program comprises the following:

Mini Gym


Gymnastics Camps

Parent & Child

Recreation Gymnastics

Advanced Recreation Gymnastics

Competitive Gymnastics

Mini Gym

The Mini Gym program is suitable for younger children aged 3-5 starting out in gymnastics. Classes offer a great introduction to the sport of gymnastics and is designed to help children channel all of their energy and reach developmental milestones. Participating in gymnastics at a young age has many benefits, not only physically. Gymnastics requires great strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. These are the cornerstones to sound physical fitness and athletic performance in all sports. There are also many social benefits to participating in gymnastics, the sport requires great discipline and listening skills as well as interaction with other group or team members. Our Mini Gym program puts a lot of focus on these core skills.

These classes show on our booking system as year of birth for our youngest members.

Recreation Gymnastics

Is an introduction to fundamental artistic gymnastics skills on bars, beam, vault, fast track and floor focusing on learning skills safely through a structured gymnastics program which gymnasts can experience progression through their efforts. Classes are taught in an encouraging, non-competitive environment. Children are grouped according to age and in time on ability, train on all apparatus during the term. The emphasis is on developing a love of physical activity through gymnastics, educating in technique and safety as well as developing the flexibility, strength and coordination needed for progress to further more advanced gymnastics skills. Gymnasts are continually monitored for their suitability to join our competitive gymnastics program which is by invite only at the discretion of the coaching team.

Gymnastics Camps

Camps run during school midterm breaks (Halloween, Christmas, February and Easter) and during July and August. These take place over 3-5 days for up to 3 hours per day and are open to children aged 4+ who are complete beginners all the way to advanced gymnasts. Children are grouped by age and ability and have fun working on all apparatus in the gym during their time at camp.

Parent & Child

These 1 hour sessions run over the school term and allow your child to discover the world of gymnastics with you by their side. You will enjoy unstructured play in a friendly setting with coach guidance on hand. These sessions give parents the chance to have fun with their young children in a safe and stimulating gymnastic environment! Children have 1 hour of unstructured play becoming familiar with the equipment. Parents attend with children and there are always qualified coaches in attendance to assist and advise but during this session parents are responsible for their children. Suitable for young children from crawlers, furniture surfers to walkers!

  • Wednesday 12.15 – 1.15pm
  • Thursday 1.15 – 2.15pm
  • Friday 11.55 – 12.55pm

There are 3 steps to attending:

  1. Complete €10 “Parent & Child First Registration” on our website
  2. Pre-Register (free) into the session date prior to attending
  3. Pay €5 cash at the training centre for the session attended

To ensure that we are not over booked, you must pre- register prior to attending.  Click here to read full info on these fun sessions.

Adult Gymnastics

This class is for men and women aged 18+. It is a fun class which focuses on strength work as well as basic gymnastics skills such as handstands, cartwheels etc. No previous experience is required to join Adult Gymnastics. We cater for beginners up to ex-gymnasts and coaches. No experience is necessary, many of our current members have come through our doors, very shy, having never done a tumble before and after the first class or after a couple of weeks have left having performed a cartwheel, handstand or a front somersault! We also have had many adults attend class who have definitely missed their true calling as a gymnast!

Class kicks off with a group cardio warm up with some strength and conditioning exercises mixed in. We then stretch out to prepare for working on the apparatus. We spread our time out between all of the apparatus; Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault, Trampoline and Tumble Track. We finish off with a gentle stretch and cool down at the end. Above all there will be a lot of laughing!

Invite Only Stream

The following classes are invite only at the discretion of the coaching team. Gymnasts showing above average skill level and potential may be invited to attend. Gymnasts in this stream train 4 terms through the year, not taking a break for the summer. All of these programs require the gymnasts to be focused, disciplined and to have the ability to listen to corrections and apply them. Our invite only stream caters for girls and boys and allows gymnasts to follow a route in Woman’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)

Advanced Team

Gymnasts within this program will train towards higher level skills at a slightly faster pace than the general recreation classes and will take part in In House competitions. Currently our Advanced Team train 2 hours per week. Gymnasts from this group also have the opportunity to progress to our Competitive Advanced Recreation group, training 3-6 hours per week taking part in Gymnastics Ireland Competitions. In the past younger gymnasts in our Advanced Recreation program, or gymnasts showing strong talent and quick skill development have also joined our Competitive Squad (training 8 – 16 hours per week).

Competitive Advanced Recreation

Gymnasts within this program train towards high level skills at a much faster pace than other classes within our Recreation Stream, training 3-6 hours per week. Gymnasts take part in Gymnastics Ireland competitions and must show natural ability in strength, flexibility and skill development. This is often an alternative route to our competitive squad for gymnasts who cannot commit to the hours needed, or who are ready involved heavily in other sports. It is also the perfect route for gymnasts who came to the sport later in life but show great natural ability and potential for development.

Petite Potentials

Girls aged 3-5 showing a natural ability and talent for artistic gymnastics are invited to Petite Potentials to begin working on the very basics of gymnastics including coordination, presentation, shaping. This, along with learning to focus, take instruction and implementing corrections are key to competitive gymnastics.


Gymnasts from Petite Potentials moved forward to Pre-Squad when ready (girls aged 4-6). This program places a strong focus on the fundamentals of gymnastics, shaping, strength, power, flexibility to lay down the foundations for fast paced skill development as the gymnasts grow older and move into Squad.

Development Squad

Boys age 4-7 showing a natural ability and talent for artistic gymnastics are invited to begin working on the very basics of gymnastics including coordination, presentation, shaping. This, along with learning to focus, take instruction and implementing corrections are key to competitive gymnastics.

Competitive Squad

Entry level to Squad, unless showing exceptional all around potential (strength, flexibility, natural ability etc) at an older age, is aged 6. Squad gymnasts must train 4 terms per year at a high, fast paced level including strong emphasis on strength, conditioning and flexibility. A huge amount of commitment is required on both the parents and gymnasts behalf if holding a place in the Competitive Squad. Gymnasts compete in Gymnastics Ireland competitions and train 8 – 18 hours per week. For the past 9 years our sister club Sugarloaf Gymnastics has had representation on the Irish National Squad Team. These gymnasts have competed abroad for Ireland in the UK and Switzerland bringing home medals and trophies. Gymnasts from the Competitive Squad hold many titles among them from the Gymnastics Ireland National Competitions. Entry to Squad is strictly by invite only.